Sunday, June 30, 2013

Breakfast in red.

I experimented on Zeta paper from Stillman & Birn. I used ink, Kuretake and a little bit of Liquitex spray paint, which I got as a sample.
Zeta paper is smooth compare to my usual grainy watercolor paper and support the color. I am surprised it took multiple heavy washes, wet-in-wet and transparent glazes, very strong paper.
The subject is simple, breakfast, but touched me on emotional level, its colors, smell, joy of being together at the table, promise of another day. It is all about being able to See. This purple is a "fake" bacon, which I love more and more.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Fake bacon? That sounds interesting. And it is purple? Love the color and the whole piece is beautifully composed and colors are gorgeous!

Nikira said...

CrimsonLeaves, thank you. It is a bit fake looking, bacon, but taste almost perfect. I love it. Here my Kuretake pen got a bit overly exited. :)