Saturday, April 13, 2013

Early morning and happy to get my NavBAr back.

Early morning.

After loosing Navigation Bar, I was typing question in Google, found forum, 2 people gave me advice, it was accidentally applied HTML code in my post with sunrise, I deleted it and now back to normal view.
Relocation to a new place could be comparable to a painful illness,  stressful and scary. I still cannot find my brushes and paper, towels and salad spinner, but I am greeted by the sun every morning and it gives me hope that I can start drawing again.



CrimsonLeaves said...

I think your daughter looks like you, yes? Love the photos and you'll find it all, I promise. As long as you didn't accidently throw it out, you'll find it. Glad you found your NAV bar!

Nikira said...

Thank you, CrimsonLeaves!
She looks nothing like me, always was different. I am more plain, always been, I think, especially now. But we have lots in common.