Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pizza DiFara's.

Still no time for myself, but being treated by amazing square pizza from DiFara's, I can see this day as wonderful and memorable.
I have to say I grew up in my own eyes, when was able to take out and reverse the motor in gigantic microwave, use an electric drill, place the charcoal filter inside, transforming the unit into vent free. Not sure who's job I did, kitchen guy or a plumber, but I did it.
It is their signature dish, I was blown away. I wish I was strong enough to draw it. It is my first square pizza from DiFara's. The best in New York.
Instead of drawing, I had to figure out how to attach unattachable, squeeze in unsqueezable, thinking is it normal to go through that complexity while attempting renovation?
Also I don't like not to give people what they expecting and asking from  me.


CrimsonLeaves said...

You amaze, Nikira. You must feel such a sense of accomplishment!

Nikira said...

Not really, CrimsonLeaves. Would say, constant doubt. Trying to finish what started. I fell off the drawing track. But I have hope.