Monday, December 5, 2011

Japanese trees on chocolate background. First day.

Sketched and painted first layer. For sketching I used Japanese dustless chalk I got at JetPens, love it. So comfortable to draw on the wall with this pen looking chalk holder. It comes with little special sponge-dust eraser and few color chalks. My love for pretty art tools pays off, very useful tool.
Detail. Pretty full first day, sketched few brunches on other walls too. Had horrible lunch. I have to make music disk for tomorrow to listen on the way because my Ipod not comfortable to operate when I am alone in the car. Zaz and Aubele.


Amber said...

AMAZING! All that in one day?? It's coming very beautifully!

Nikira said...

Thank you very much Amber. I have to draw it instant because can't touch the background, it stays. So basically I am following the brush, thinking and measuring distance, weight and composition all at once. I will have to add color touches and metallic highlights. :-)