Monday, July 18, 2011

Sketch before breakfast Upstate.

I took watercolor with me and sketched  a view from the porch in the morning, it was fun to play with all that shades of green. Then I was called in for breakfast and it was no more sketches that day, but traveling and seeing old friends and eating amazing greek food.
Here sketching in a process, my cool gear.


Nancy said...

Nikira, this is a beautiful painting. So many layers and so many greens. What paper is this? It looks whiter than moleskine. Is it a moleskine watercolor pad?



Nikira said...

Hi Nancy,
thank you very much.
I used Hand*book, I got at DickBlick.
I am always looking for perfect watercolor paper sketchbook, so it would work with inks and watercolor.

Nancy said...

Thank you, Nikira. I'll look for it.