Monday, April 26, 2010

Interior. Painting flowers in pearl glazes.

I wanted to paint small flowers, almost look like embroidery, but decorator demanded big and pink, heavy.  I like eclectic, but here elements of decor felt like from different operas: blue on the bottom, green above the molding, like sky is below grass. Gentle round windows with silk and heavy black chandelier, rough stone chimney and mirrored night stands? Heavy blue in dome above and stupid strong yellowish moldings framing nothing. If you made a statement(frame) than you meant to say something (what is it you framing?) All elements are beautiful separately.


Erica Vojnich said...

Gorgeous painting! I'm curious on what type of paint did you use? I agree with the framing, it could have done without. I still think it looks pretty swanky though!

Nikira said...

Erica, I used metallic glazes pearl and gold from the can, B. Moore and couple of tints: avocado, umber, something dark red. I didn't take picture of sitting room few steps up done in completely nursery baby blocks colors. Just elements of the room doesn't form elegant unity, it shows money.

Erica Vojnich said...

True, not all money can buy beauty! Thanks for the tips on the glazes! I think I might be bold and paint something in our master bedroom, like birch trees. I know we won't be here long, but it might be nice to do something custom. You're a great inspiration!