Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brooklyn street

I still cant pass car inspection for some weird reasons, so being fed up with driving and technical convos with men, I stopped somewhere not far from the shop and sketched quiet street with golden leafs. And if I'll finish cooking pumpkin kasha I can consider this day as positive.


Ingrid Lyndon said...

I love this sketch. I bet Brooklyn is a cool place.

I learned something new, too! I'd never heard of Pumpkin Kasha, so I Iooked it up. Sounds delicious.

Nikira said...

Thank you, Ingrid. I think, everywhere you look you can find interesting things to draw, even in your sink or outside of the window. I am just comfortable to be secluded inside the car and try all this different materials I am crazy about: pens, pencils, watercolor. And kasha with Pumpkin is very good, I should check how they offer to cook it online and compare. :-)
How is project going from Inna's photo?

Tim Goss said...

The drawing of the building on the right is spectacular!